Medicare EPC

As of 1st July 2004 patients with a chronic condition or complex care needs, under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan, can be referred to an allied health practitioner when you believe the patient could benefit from their care.

Podiatry services are included in the EPC scheme.  Podiatrists diagnose and treat a range of disorders of the feet.  Chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis often have associated foot problems which can affect a patients mobility, independence and quality of life.  Therefore some of your patients may benefit from a referral to a podiatrist under this scheme.

Please note the following features of an EPC plan:

  • Patients must be under an EPC plan prepared and lodged by you with the Health Insurance Commission.
  • Patients are entitled to a total of 5 visits per year to allied health providers, not 5 visits per provider.
  • Referrals must be on the correct EPC plan referral form.
  • Send your patients to us with the original referral form only after you have lodged their care plan with the  H.I.C.

We welcome EPC referrals and are happy to be part of your EPC plans and contributing to your patients care.  Referrals will be followed up with a report, and at the conclusion of the referral a report will follow, so you will be kept informed of all relevant assessments and treatment plans.


Please contact us if you have any queries regarding EPC plan.